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Harvington HelleboresTrade Marks Journal No. 6695

At Hugh Nunn Nurseryman we have been breeding and propagating Hellebores for the past 20 years. The result – the Harvington collection of Hellebores.

We are continuously selecting the very best plants with attractive evergreen foliage and clear colours. They are hand pollinated improving plant quality and clarity of colour each year.

The different species and variations of Hellebore make up a magnificent group of garden-worthy plants. The common name given to the white flowering plant that often appears on Christmas cards is the ‘Christmas Rose’ (Helleborus niger) and the varieties that usually appear in late January, February and March are often called ‘Lenten Roses’ – flowering in Lent –and are derived from Helleborus orientalis.

Their flowers provide welcome colour during winter and their dark green glossy foliage looks great in your garden border throughout the year.

A gallery of all the Harvington Hellebores® in our collection can be seen below.

Helleborus orientalis - single flowered

Helleborus orientalis - double flowered

Helleborus orientalis ‘Harvington Hybrids’
The best single and double flowered Lenten Rose hybrids in distinctive colour groups
 Helleborus niger ‘Harvington Hybrids’
The biggest, boldest, single and double flowering Christmas Roses.
 Helleborus foetidus, Helleborus argutifolius and Helleborus x sternii

Vigorous selections of these three garden Favourites.

Helleborus orientalis ‘Harvington Hybrids’

We breed distinctive colour groups of Helleborus orientalis hybrids. The plants are all grown from our own seed strains and carry the ‘Harvington’ brand name. Following is a list of our ever-increasing range of beautiful forms and colours.

Single Flowered

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Double Flowered

  Harvington Apricots
 Harvington Shades of Night Helleborus orientalis Harvington Double Chocolates Helleborus orientalis Harvington Double White Speckled
Helleborus orientalis Harvington Double Yellow Speckled Helleborus orientalis Harvington Double Pink Speckled Helleborus niger Harvington Doubles Click image to view larger image

 Helleborus niger ‘Harvington Hybrids’

A superb strain of ‘Christmas Rose’ with attractive evergreen foliage. White flowers with golden stamens are produced from December to March… and watch out for our new DOUBLE Christmas Rose which will be available in 2008/9.


 Helleborus foetidus

H. foetidus is an excellent garden plant native to the British Isles with striking lime green clusters of flowers in late winter. We have selected the best over the years and this is an excellent vigorous form.

 Helleborus foetidus ‘Harvington Pewter’

H. foetidus ‘Harvington Pewter’ is a very attractive form with a silvery sheen to the leaves and reddish tinged stems.


HellHelleborus argutifolius

H. argutifolius is an excellent garden plant with leathery light green leaves and attractive clusters of pale green flowers in late winter.


SterniHelleborus x sternii

H. x sternii is a hybrid between H. argutifolius and H. lividus with silvery leaves and pinkish stems and pink tinged lime green flowers in late winter.

Planting and Feeding Hellebores

Hellebores perform particularly well when planted in dappled shade in damp but well drained soil. They should not be allowed to dry out in the first year after planting. Once they are established they are deep rooting and survive droughts with impunity.

They are hungry plants and respond well to being planted with compost or well-rotted manure. This can also be applied as mulch around established plants in the Spring. If compost or manure is not available, any balanced granular or liquid feed will encourage vigour during the growing season.